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Gorgeous Geraniums

Jerry’s specializes in Geraniums growing over 30 different varieties in 2020

Geraniums are the workhorses of the summer garden, producing giant bloom after bloom of colorful flowers.  Not only are the flowers great, but the leaves are “zonal” meaning they are multicolored. Geraniums are durable and dependable plants, requiring adequate fertilization to keep them flowering.  Feed weekly, deadhead regularly, and enjoy the giant display that geraniums are known to put on as Kings of the Sun!

Some geraniums are actually grown more for their foliage, than their bloom such as ‘Crystal Palace Gem’ or ‘Vancouver Centennial’ pictured here.

Another Great Texture

Jerry’s carries only the finest vegetatively reproduced Geraniums, no seed grown cultivars here.  We are proud to offer the Rocky Mountain series, bred right here in America.  Rocky Mountain geraniums are great for the landscape, as they produce large flowers. Another popular Geranium Series is the Tangos.  These plants are better for containers and small garden beds.  Their flowers are still wonderful, but not as sizable as a Rocky Mountain geranium.

Two newer introductions are the Calliope, and Caliente lines of Geraniums.  Both have great branching habits, and fill containers quickly with lots of color.  Caliente Geraniums are a cross between Zonal geranium , and an Ivy.  This gives Caliente geraniums a semi-trailing habit, like their Ivy geranium cousins.  They also possess  a darker foliage, wonderful for contrasting the vibrant red produced in their flowers.

Stark Foliage Contrasts

Calliope geraniums are the newest plant on the block, possessing color like no other geranium.  Their velvety red flowers are unmatched in the Geranium world, and this cultivar is heat tolerant as well.

Unmatched Red In Geraniums

We also offer cascading geraniums, which are wonderful for hanging baskets and combinations.  Sophie Pink, Acupulco, Taj Mahal and Blizzard Red are a few of the varieties we offer.  Call and ask about our Gorgeous Geraniums today, and fill your front yard with the vibrant reds Geraniums are famous for!


Colors Available:


Dark Red







Crimson Flame (Pink/Red bicolor)