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Black Gold ® Soils by SunGro

For 2020, Jerry’s Flowers is proud to offer Black Gold® Soils!  This is the retail line of the soil we grow our great plants in, by SunGro horticultural.  We will feature a variety of 8qt bags including Seedling Mix, African Violet Mix, Cactus Mix, Peat Moss, Orchid Mix, etc.  We also will have 16qt and 2 cubic foot bags of Black Gold®  All-Purpose Mix, Container Mix, and Natural & Organic soils for bigger projects.








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Jerry’s Gift Cards

A great gift for the Holidays for that person who enjoys plants, gardening, or just shopping @ Jerry’s Flowers.  We can issue our gift cards for any amount, and they can be mailed to you or your gift recipient.  Please fill out this form to send us an email to request a gift card, or call and leave us a message.


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Watch Us Grow™ All-Purpose Plant Food

$10.99 (pint) – $45 (gal.)

Stephen Follett Company, the company that created Watch Us Grow All Purpose Plant Food, has its roots on a farm outside the village of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, where in 1952, the company’s founder, botanist and horticulturist Stephen Follett, began production of his newly developed liquid plant food concentrate Follett’s Watch Us Grow®.

Follett spent the previous decade experimenting with various compounds of fertilizers, trace elements and other organic and inorganic materials to find a formula that would foster healthier and better plant growth. He based his studies on the ancient idea of foliar feeding; the theory that plants can absorb nutrients through leaves, branches, stems, buds, fruits and even flowers as well as its root system.

After years of trial and error, Mr. Follett perfected his gentle 8-8-8 liquid formula . . . a 256 to 1 concentrate of three major elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potash) and five micronutrients (boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc) plus his proprietary compound Fol-Ade® which contains eight ingredients that react on the elemental plant foods in the formula.

Few things have changed over the years. The company is still located on a farm a few miles from where it started, and the Watch Us Grow formula remains the same. Owner Phil Faustini doesn’t see a reason to tamper with something that works so well on everything — flowers, shrubs, trees, grasses, vegetables, fruits and house plants.

Half Hoop Plant Support

For long-stemmed plant management
$3.99 – $6.99

The Half Hoop Plant Support is great for all long-stemmed plants and it can be used at any stage of a plant’s development. Its unique design means it can be used on its own as a hoop or in pairs, back to back, to form a complete circle.

Sluggo® Organic Snail and Slug Bait

$25 (2-lb.)

Monterey’s Sluggo® snail and slug bait is now OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) Listed for use in organic gardening. Sluggo contains naturally occurring iron and phosphate and is safe to use around pets and wildlife.

• Kills Snails & Slugs
• Can be used around pets & wildlife
• Iron phosphate occurs naturally in soil
• Easy-to-use granular formulation
• Remains effective after rain or sprinkling
• May be used up to & including day of harvest

Dr. Earth® Organic Fertilizers

$10.99 (4-lb.)

The nutrient content in each Dr. Earth product is formulated to provide the perfect nutrient ratio based on a plant’s needs. Nitrogen is derived from fish meal, cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, fish bone meal and feather meal. Phosphorous comes from fish bone meal, cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal and soft rock phosphate. Potassium from kelp meal, cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal and mined potassium sulphate. The nutrients are released quickly as the beneficial soil microbes, present both in your soil and in the product, digest the ingredients. Dr. Earth works with the natural cycle of growth feeding plants steadily, the way nature intended it.

Dr. Earth fertilizer blends include both the nutrients your plants need and also Pro-Biotic™, seven champion strains of beneficial soil microbes plus Ecto and Endo-Mycorrhizae that provide a wide range of functions. These beneficial soil microbes help to breakdown organic material, making it more readily available for absorption by the plant roots.

As the organic material is broken down, humus is created. Humus increases the soils ability to absorb and retain water, reduce fertilizer loss caused by wind and water erosion. Humus helps to build a friable, workable and productive soil that is home to an abundance of macro and microorganisms.

Liquid Fence® Deer & Rabbit Repellent

$16.99 (quart)
$35 (gal.)
Concentrates available!

Fight back and protect your investment with Liquid Fence® Deer & Rabbit Repellent. Our all natural repellent will stop deer and rabbits from eating your flowers, shrubs, plants, trees and vines.

Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent is the environmentally safe and biodegradable solution to all your deer and rabbit problems. Best of all, this easy-to-use, long lasting spray is family and pet friendly so you can use it worry-free. And because it’s all natural, it doesn’t hurt the deer or rabbits!

• Safe for your plants and family – Environmentally safe and biodegradable
• Proven effective at repelling deer and rabbits – USDA field tested
• Easy-to-use – Just spray and your problems go away
• Long lasting and rain resistant – Finally, a hassle-free solution to deer and rabbit damage
• Worry-free deer and rabbit protection – Family and pet friendly
• Guaranteed – 100% Money-back Guarantee
• Member tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club!

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