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Special Occasions

Flowers and plants brighten everyone’s day and what else can make a perfect gift? All our designs are made fresh and delivered by hand straight to the special recipient.

Below are just a few of the beautiful gifts we can create.  Still not finding what your looking for? Click this link to head over to our Mother’s Day page, where we have our newest arrangements and gifts pictured to help you make that Mom smile!


Sympathy Flowers

Colorful Condolences TributeToday, flowers remain one of the most beautiful ways to express our condolences when words fail us. During times of sorrow, sympathy flowers are messengers of hope when it’s needed most.

Choose from our most popular arrangements  that best reflects the spirit of your loved one or order a custom spray, wreath, altar arrangement or sympathy flower arrangement.










Flowering Mums, Cabbage & Kale

Every year, Door County gardeners get to the middle of August and look at their poor perennial and annual gardens. The answer? Garden Mums!

Jaqueline Pink Fusion, new this year @ Jerry's!

The heat of summer has taken its toll on many of the plants in the garden, and flowering Chrysanthemums are just what you need for a blast of color for fall.  We carry a large selection of colors and types of mums, ranging from decorative to daisies and everything in between. Our Chrysanthemums are not artificially shaded, and the late varieties will bloom into October.  Check out what Syngenta has to offer by visiting their website, we do not carry ALL of these varieties, but 32 great selections of them.


Mothers Day Bouquets 2013

Thinking about a Mothers Day gift? Try clicking one of our signature bouquets, designed just for that special Mom! We feature wonderful flowers from Holland, South America, and Australia, arranged into unique vases and containers by our skilled florists. Every bouquet is individualized, although these pictures may help you figure out what you might want. Read the descriptions, and click the pictures if you want a closer look. We offer daily delivery from Washington Island to Egg Harbor. We do many more arrangements, and these are just an idea!  Call us, and order a wonderful bouquet today @ 1 (920) 854 4112

Add a box of chocolates from the Chocoloate Sommelier for an additional $20 to any bouquet, basket, or houseplant to sweeten your arrangement or basket.  Also remember, we have NEW gift cards that are just like a debit or credit card!  You can make them out for any amount, we can mail them or add them to a bouquet or other planter.

April Showers $45 – Colorful watering can filled with Dutch Tulips and spring Boronia and purple Statice.April Showers

Song of Spring $65 – Beautiful 8″ clear bowl of Dutch Tulips, California Green Hydrangeas, Baby’s Breath and Lemongrass loops.

Song of Spring

Sweet Dreams $85 – All Mom’s favorites, Blue Iris, Gerbera Daisies, Spray Roses, and soft Green Hydrangeas. Smaller version available for $65.

Sweet Dreams

Bright & Happy $75 – Bright mix of Gerberas, Liatris, Mums, Tulips, Spray Roses and fragrant Boronia Heather make this bright bouquet pop! Smaller version available for $60.

Bright & Happy

Sunny Citrus $60 – Long lasting Carnations, Mums, Daisies, and Green Hydrangeas highlight this bouquet.

Sunny Citrus

“I Love You Mom” $75 – Carnations, Tulips, and Daisies plus a special treat from the Chocoloate Sommelier.  The Best of both worlds!

I Love You Mom

Dozen Roses in a Vase $75 – Beautiful California grown roses inan interesting tropical vase arranged with caspia and mixed greens.  Timeless and always appropriate.

Dozen Rose Special

Sun Sherbet $50 – Bright raspberry, orange and yellows color this fun bouquet.  Happy and bright with daisy mums, gerberas and hot pink babys breath in a stocky clear hurricane vase.  Cute and perky.

Sun Sherbet 50$

Jerrys Frequent Buyer Club


Welcome to Jerrys Frequent Buyers Club page.  Jerrys Frequent Buyer Club is a way for us to reward our customers who shop loyally throughout the season here in Door County.  So how does one become a member?

To become a frequent buyers club member, sign up at Jerrys Flowers when you make a purchase.  Make 6 total purchases, and receive a gift certificate worth 10% of the total 6 purchases (minus tax).  You are then free to use your gift certificate on anything in the store! Fresh Cutflowers, Perennials, Annuals, Supplies etc!

You can repeat the process again and again throughout the season, just make sure to ask our staff if you have more questions. Also feel free to email us at [email protected], or call us at 920 854 4112.

Black Gold ® Soils by SunGro

For 2020, Jerry’s Flowers is proud to offer Black Gold® Soils!  This is the retail line of the soil we grow our great plants in, by SunGro horticultural.  We will feature a variety of 8qt bags including Seedling Mix, African Violet Mix, Cactus Mix, Peat Moss, Orchid Mix, etc.  We also will have 16qt and 2 cubic foot bags of Black Gold®  All-Purpose Mix, Container Mix, and Natural & Organic soils for bigger projects.








Visit for more information!







Click Photo for Coupon

Jerry’s Gift Cards

A great gift for the Holidays for that person who enjoys plants, gardening, or just shopping @ Jerry’s Flowers.  We can issue our gift cards for any amount, and they can be mailed to you or your gift recipient.  Please fill out this form to send us an email to request a gift card, or call and leave us a message.


Phone 1 (920) 854-4112

[email protected]



Signature Bouquets 2013

Thinking of that special someone? Need to make an impression? Check out our Signature Bouquets below, featuring wonderful flowers from Holland, South America, and Australia. Every bouquet is individualized, although these pictures may help you figure out what you might want. Read the descriptions, and click the pictures if you want a closer look. We offer daily delivery from Washington Island to Egg Harbor. We do many more arrangements, and these are just an idea!  Call us, and order a wonderful bouquet today @ 1 (920) 854 4112

Also remember, we have NEW gift cards that are just like a debit or credit card!  You can make them out for any amount, we can mail them or add them to a bouquet or other planter.

Dozen Roses in a Vase $75 – Beautiful California grown roses in an interesting tropical vase arranged with caspia and mixed greens.  Timeless and always appropriate.

Dozen Rose Special

Door County Sunrise $60-$75 – Beautiful mix of carnations, lilies, stock, roses and waxflower in soft pinks, yellows, and lavenders in a clear gathering vase.

Door County Sunset $75-$100 – A beautiful mix of bold colored gerberas, delphiniums liatris beautiful Tiaga roses; yellow daisy’s and lavender waxflower fill out our signature purple gathering vase.

Door County Sunset

 Mini Door County Sunset $50-$60 – A smaller version of our Door County Sunset.  Bold, blazing colors fill our French vas with gerberas, delphinium, daisy mums, carnations and waxflower.

Mini Sunset

Door County Starburst $60-$75 – Bouquet features garden flowers of all colors.  Gerberas, delphinium, liatris, hydrangea, spray roses, and waxflowers fill our beautiful hurricane vase…with love!

Potted Orchid $40-$65 – One of the most floriferous houseplants! Blooms can last 80+ Days!  Minimal care needed.

Sun Sherbet $50 – Bright raspberry, orange and yellows color this fun bouquet.  Happy and bright with daisy mums, gerberas and hot pink babys breath in a stocky clear hurricane vase.  Cute and perky.

Sun Sherbet



Spring Flowering Bulbs

Fall is the time to plant spring flowering bulbs, and you can get the best right here at Jerry’s.  We stock only the highest quality Dutch bulbs, to assure that you will have a wonderful display this coming spring.  Just don’t forget about the deer!


Perennial plants are a wonderful way to spruce up a garden, without the hassle of replanting every year.   At Jerry’s we are glad to offer many hardy perennials, as well as proven garden annuals to add color to your perennial garden on a yearly basis.  Keeping a perennial garden maintained can be a lot of work.  Weeds, pests, and mother nature are all against you.  We also carry cedar bark mulch, cocoa bean mulch, peat moss, and many other amendments to get you started on your new garden! herbicides, and other products to help you conquer the bugs and diseases inherent to many perennials.  Below is a gallery of different perennials just to give you an idea of the diversity that these plants offer!

Here is a list of SOME of the Perennials offered at Jerrys 2012. Most perennials are grown in gallon containers, but we also carry 4″ perennials.  Check in early for best selection, spring is the best time to plant perennials!

Achillea (Yarrow), Anchusa, Alcea (Hollyhock), Agastache, Anemone, Artemesia, Astilbe, Baptisia, Brunnera, Campanula, Coreopsis, Delphinium, Echinacea, Euphorbia, Ferns, Gallardia, Geum, Helenium, Heuchera, Heucherella, Hosta, Helleborus, Hibiscus, German Iris, Siberian Iris, Liatris, Ligularia, Lupine, Lobelia, Monarda, Papaver, Polemonium, Penstemon, Primula, Rudbeckia, Scabiosa, Salvia, Sedum, Stachys, Germander, Veronica, and many more!  We are proud to carry Walters Perennials, grown in Michigan.  Check out their webpage today to learn more about the perennials they carry.

Jerry’s Mulches, Amendments, and Soils

Mulching your garden is very important.  Just think about all the weeds popping up this spring, and the hot summer days to follow.  Mulches can beat down weeds, and help retain moisture while giving your garden a clean feeling.  At Jerry’s we carry 5 types of mulches, each with pros and cons. Some can be worked in to improve soil quality , while others can actually rob the soil of nutrients.  Different mulches decompose at different rates, bark mulches decompose at a much slower rate than organic mulches like cocoa beans, etc. Bark chips, or shredded cedar are great for perennial beds, as the mulch will last for a few years.  Cocoa Bean decomposes and becomes part of the soil over time.

TIPS: Applying mulches can be tricky.  Do not cover the crown of perennials, because perennials like Peony’s may not flower if the crown is buried too deep.  You also can waste mulch by applying too thick, although the thicker the layer will make weeds easier to pull out.  Do not walk all over your garden.  Compacting the soil beneath your mulch is not a good idea.  Weeds pull easier from soil that has been worked and not compacted. Each mulch has its pros and cons, here is a list of what we carry, and some ideas why you should use that mulch.

Shredded Cedar Mulch: Forms a nice mat once watered. Easy to apply, just dump a bag, and use a rake to spread the mulch around the bases of your plants.  Easy to walk on.  Long lasting, scent repels insects.

Small Bark Chips: Still “mat” somewhat, but chips are small, and can be affected by high winds.  Great for paths, as chips are small enough not to trip over or create uneven ground.   Long lasting, scent repels insects.

Medium Bark Chips: No matting quality, not the greatest for paths but less prone to blow away.  Great for big gardens, longest lasting of the bark chip mulches.

Cocoa Bean Mulch: Forms a mat once watered. Easy to apply, dump bag and use a broom to spread evenly over the garden.  Can attract dogs, and other animals so think about them as well.  Decomposes, and must be replaced 1 to 2 times per year depending.  Great for vegetables, annuals, and of course perennials too!  Holds more moisture than Cedar Bark, or Chips. Not organic, but a recycled product via the cocoa industry.

Dr. Earth Planting Mix: Not only an organic mulch, but a major soil improvement!  Includes worm castings, bat guano, kelp meal, and seaweed extract.  Also features mycorrhizae soil organisms to improve the fertility of your garden, as well as the drought tolerance of your plants.  Learn more about Dr. Earth soils and other products by visiting their website:

Here is another link to more information about mulches, we do not carry all of these, but each mulch has an specific use!

Proven Winners

Jerry’s specializes in Begonias, Geraniums, and a great assortment of Proven Winners.  We also carry your favorite flowering annuals, perennials, vegetables and herbs.  General annuals we carry include: Ageratum, Alyssum, Begonia (Waxed), Browallia, Coleus, Cosmos, Dahlias, Dianthus, Dusty Miller, Gazania, Impatiens, Moss Rose (Portulaca), Nicotiana, Petunia, Vinca, Verbena, and Zinnias.


Some of our Most popular selling Proven Winners Include: Giant Snowflake Bacopa, Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Argyranthemum, Supertunias, Superbenas, Million Bells, Soprano & Symphony African Daisys, and Wildcat Blue Anagallis.  Stop by to see all the selections from Proven Winners we offer.

Here is one of many Videos you can find on about Proven Winner Plants.  Diamond Frost Euphorbia is one of our Hottest selling annuals, it goes with everything is pretty much maintenance free!


Unmatched Red In Geraniums

Gorgeous Geraniums

Geraniums are the workhorses of the summer garden, producing giant bloom after bloom of colorful flowers.  Not only are the flowers great, but the leaves are “zonal” meaning they are multicolored. Geraniums are durable and dependable plants, requiring adequate fertilization to keep them flowering.  Feed weekly, deadhead regularly, and enjoy the giant display that geraniums are known to put on as Kings of the Sun!

Some geraniums are actually grown more for their foliage, than their bloom such as ‘Crystal Palace Gem’ or ‘Vancouver Centennial’ pictured here.

Another Great Texture

Jerry’s carries only the finest vegetatively reproduced Geraniums, no seed grown cultivars here.  We are proud to offer the Rocky Mountain series, bred right here in America.  Rocky Mountain geraniums are great for the landscape, as they produce large flowers. Another popular Geranium Series is the Tangos.  These plants are better for containers and small garden beds.  Their flowers are still wonderful, but not as sizable as a Rocky Mountain geranium.

Two newer introductions are the Calliope, and Caliente lines of Geraniums.  Both have great branching habits, and fill containers quickly with lots of color.  Caliente Geraniums are a cross between Zonal geranium , and an Ivy.  This gives Caliente geraniums a semi-trailing habit, like their Ivy geranium cousins.  They also possess  a darker foliage, wonderful for contrasting the vibrant red produced in their flowers.

Stark Foliage Contrasts

Calliope geraniums are the newest plant on the block, possessing color like no other geranium.  Their velvety red flowers are unmatched in the Geranium world, and this cultivar is heat tolerant as well.

Unmatched Red In Geraniums

We also offer cascading geraniums, which are wonderful for hanging baskets and combinations.  Sophie Pink, Acupulco, Taj Mahal and Blizzard Red are a few of the varieties we offer.  Call and ask about our Gorgeous Geraniums today, and fill your front yard with the vibrant reds Geraniums are famous for!


Colors Available:


Dark Red







Crimson Flame (Pink/Red bicolor)


Jerry’s Begonias

Begonias come in many sizes, colors, shapes, and growing habits.  We carry Nonstop, Solenia, Rieger, BIG, Dragonwing, and more!  Jerry’s Flowers specializes in Nonstop begonias, great for the Door County shade garden. Nonstop Begonias cannot be kept over like the old tuberous kinds of Begonias your grandma grew, but they flower much more prolifically throughout the summer growing season.  Maintaining these beauties is a little more difficult than some shade annuals, but the rewards are handsome.  Nonstop Begonias are tender, and somewhat fragile, so choose a spot that keeps them protected from both frost and wind.  Doing so will keep them beautiful all summer! 


Here are a few shots of our wonderful “Nonstop” Begonia baskets, available in 4″ and 6″ pots, and 10/12″ baskets.

Colors Available:








Joy Says: “Grow Green!”

Japanese KnotweedEverything is green-green-green these days. We’re all trying to be friendlier to the environment, but much damage has already been done. There are reports every day about the risks of pesticides or groundwater contamination. I’m grateful we live in an area where most of us try to practice being green.

For gardeners, going green can take many forms: being careful about pesticides you use on your plants to keep them healthy and pest-free, and being mindful of invasive species that can take over our native plants and change the ecology of the region.

Crawly Pests

There are natural methods you can use to keep bugs and slugs from feeding on your plants or harming your fruits and vegetables. Here are some specific green ways to keep your garden from being munched:

  • Crush up clean eggshells and place them around plants. Slugs will stay away from the shells’ sharp edges or risk being cut.
  • Earwigs seem to love sandier soil and damp mulch, so look for them there. They can munch on plants quickly. Garlic oil sprays keep them at bay.
  • Keep your cat happy at the same time you fend off aphids, beetles, squash bugs, and ants: Plant catnip! It also repels mice.
  • Adding flowers to your vegetable bed might seem strange, but flowers often stop pests and plant diseases. The white flowering chrysanthemums repel Japanese beetles. Geraniums keep out cabbage worms, Japanese beetles, and beet leafhoppers. Nasturtium deters both bugs and beetles. Pretty petunias keep out asparagus beetle, leafhoppers, aphids, tomato worms, Mexican beetles, and general pests; use the leaves in a tea for a potent bug spray. Planting sunflowers will attract aphids and ants to them instead of your other plants, and sunflowers are tough enough to take it. Sunflowers attract hummingbirds, which eat whiteflies—and you’ll have sunflowers seeds to attract birds later on!
  • Garlic is a famous fungicide because it accumulates sulfur. Garlic it is taken up by neighboring plants through their pores, and if you make garlic tea and drench the soil, it’s also taken up by the plant roots. Garlic is offensive to moths, beetles, root maggots, snails, and carrot root fly. Garlic sprays (a low concentration, about 5%) repel and kill whiteflies, aphids, and fungus gnats.
  • Root plants can lure some pests away from your other crops. Radishes keep leafminers away from spinach, and even though those bugs will eat your radish leaves, the radish roots remain healthy!
  • Ladybugs are usually welcome because they eat aphids and other small pests. However, if you’re being overrun by them—especially if they’re making their way inside—try  putting bay leaves around plants or on windowsills indoors. Sprinkle dried bay leaves in your garden as natural insecticide dust; many bugs don’t like the strong scent.
  • Homemade sauerkraut is a Door County specialty! Plant clover between your cabbage plants to discourage aphids and cabbageworm. This kind of “companion planting” is a natural way of pest management and plants can help each other; nature integrates a diversity of plants, insects, animals, and other organisms into every ecosystem so there is no waste. You can use certain plants as a border, backdrop, or interplanting in flower or vegetable beds. For example, radishes are a deterrent against cucumber beetles. Intercropping onions and leeks with carrots will keep carrot and onion flies from reaching your carrot crop, and onions planted near strawberries keep strawberries disease free. Rosemary is a wonderful herb; interplant it to keep away cabbage moths, bean beetles, and carrot flies. In fact, it seems that any herb you’d use in turkey stuffing seems to work against pests—try planting thyme and sage as well.

Walking Pests

Garlic MustardDeer and rabbits—those are our main adversaries in the garden!

  • Most animals have a keen sense of smell and stay away from odors they dislike or that seem threatening. For instance, human or pet hair hung on plants will keep deer away (bunch it up in a section of pantyhose and tie the ends); if we have a rainy spell, you’ll have to replace the bundles.
  • Clove oil is an unpleasant smell to many animals. You can buy it at a health food store Mix some up with water and spritz on new fruit like apples. Deer won’t even take a bite, and clove oil won’t hurt the fruit.
  • The smell of garlic will keep away deer. Some use a concentrated spray (see above), but others swear by planting time-released garlic capsules at the bases of fruit trees. It’s safe and worth a try…you can ingest the leftover capsules yourself if the method doesn’t work (garlic is great for your health!).
  • Marigolds are known for keeping bunnies away, but you have to choose a variety with the strongest scent. We can lead you to them in the nursery. (Marigolds also repel whitefly and some other flying pests.) Plant as a barrier around tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, and under fruit trees, and potted marigolds are a good idea because they can be moved from spot to spot in your garden.

If your garden is overrun and you must resort to pesticides or chemical deterrents for animals, consult us for the best ones. One error most gardeners make is using too much or in too concentrated a solution. This not only harms the ecology but can ruin your plants, too. Think responsibly about what we put in the garden! In Door County, water quickly runs through the dolomite rock, and all those chemicals reach our drinking supply (for those with wells) and the bay and lake. A good source we often give people is the University of Wisconsin’s horticulture website: There’s a wealth of information on all aspects of gardening.

Invasive Species

Purple Loostrife

Not only do we have to watch the water for Asian carp, we have to control invasive species such as phragmites reeds that takes over our shorelines and wetlands, and the green Cladophora algae on our beaches. Your garden has similar problems. The plants look innocent enough—they’re often pretty—but they can take over a garden or plot of land and decreasing out native biodiversity. The Door County Invasive Species Team was formed in 2001, and the group works with nearly 30 businesses or private individuals in Door County to help control plants such as invasive purple loosestrife, white-flowered garlic mustard, and Japanese knotweed.

Invasive species also degrade habitats that birds and butterflies depend upon for reproductive success. If you want to grow green, it’s important to recognize these “volunteers” in your garden. Look at the Invasive Species Team website,, and you can educate yourself on identifying invasive species, reporting an invasive that may become a problem, and learning how to control them on your own property. With some species, such as garlic mustard, pulling out the entire plant will stop its spread; however, the seeds of a garlic mustard can stay viable in the soil for up to five years. It’s best to bring a sample in to us or send it to UW’s horticulture department if you’re unsure of what you’ve got. A good guideline: If you don’t know it, don’t grow it!

Watch Us Grow™ All-Purpose Plant Food

$10.99 (pint) – $45 (gal.)

Stephen Follett Company, the company that created Watch Us Grow All Purpose Plant Food, has its roots on a farm outside the village of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, where in 1952, the company’s founder, botanist and horticulturist Stephen Follett, began production of his newly developed liquid plant food concentrate Follett’s Watch Us Grow®.

Follett spent the previous decade experimenting with various compounds of fertilizers, trace elements and other organic and inorganic materials to find a formula that would foster healthier and better plant growth. He based his studies on the ancient idea of foliar feeding; the theory that plants can absorb nutrients through leaves, branches, stems, buds, fruits and even flowers as well as its root system.

After years of trial and error, Mr. Follett perfected his gentle 8-8-8 liquid formula . . . a 256 to 1 concentrate of three major elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potash) and five micronutrients (boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc) plus his proprietary compound Fol-Ade® which contains eight ingredients that react on the elemental plant foods in the formula.

Few things have changed over the years. The company is still located on a farm a few miles from where it started, and the Watch Us Grow formula remains the same. Owner Phil Faustini doesn’t see a reason to tamper with something that works so well on everything — flowers, shrubs, trees, grasses, vegetables, fruits and house plants.